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  • Confirm that the quota is still open.
  • You will need an Andorran company which meets all legal requirements to have offered you work and you will also need a residential address in the Principality.
  • If you meet these requirement please consult Form A-1
    A.1 Reside and work: initial authorisation
    This authorises you to reside and work in the country on a full time basis for as long as the authorisation is valid.
    Cost of this formality is €179,90
    You have local  healthcare cover.
    You can opt for family regrouping from the first renewal date if you have lived full time in Andorra; Spanish, French and Portugese nationals excepted as these come under different international treaties.
    Access to information on any work related matter from the Office of Work Inspection
    Access to the labour exchange should you end up without work or wish to change your job.
    Request certificate of registration
    Attend the courses provided by the Adult Education Service to learn Catalan as an adult
    You must always carry with you your residence permit.
    Register with the Andorra Social Security Service.
    Notify the relevant authorities of any change of address, civil status etc.
    Remain within the economic sector for the first year that your work and residence  permit has been granted; French, Spanish and Portugese nationals excepted according to international treaties.
    Register with the local parish authority where you are residing.
    Register with the local Consulate of your country of origin, if applicable.
    Exchange your driving license for an Andorran license.
    Change over the registration of your car, if not on Andorran plates, within a maximum time of one year.
    Request to be de-registered should you leave the country permanently.

    This status allows you to live in the country for the duration of the validity of the authorisation.
    This status can be requested, in line with current legislation, any newcomer who
    Wishes to etablish their principal and effective residence in the Principality of Andorra without working or  exercising any professional activity.
    Duration of the authorisation:
    The first authorisation is for one year renewable witht he exception of nationals from those countries with whom Andorra has signed and international treaty and in these cases the duration will be 2 years.
    The renewal of the initial immigration permission is for a three year period and renewable for a further three years, with the exception of those countries with whom Andorra has an international treaty in which case it will be only for a three year period.
    After the above  seven years the successive renewals will be issued for a duration of ten years with the exception of those nationals of countries with international treaties regarding immigration issues (see Form D2).
    The cost of this for this is €211,60 for the principal applicant and €179,90 for each dependent in their charge.
    Access to the Catalan language courses for adults offered by the Adult Education Service.
    Request a certificate that you are registered.
    Always carry your residence card on you.
    Reside in the country at least 183 days a year.
    Have a valid health insurance policy.
    Notify the authorities of any change of address, civil status etc.
    Register witht he parish authorities where you reside.
    Register with the local Consulate of your country of origin, if applicable.
    Surrender your current driving license for an Andorran driving license.
    Register your car onto Andorra license plates within one year.
    De-register as a resident on permanently leaving the country.

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